Well reviewed Classy and Discrete

At last, your search is over…I’m Secret Desire, an adventurous spirit enveloped in a beautifully sculpted figure, yields the woman you only thought existed in your dreams. I see myself as having a playful demeanor, great sense of humor, a stunning smile and alluring green eyes. In public, I maintain a tasteful appearance, in private you’ll be delighted by my impeccable physique. As a companion, I present myself with superior standards and pride myself on making the absolute most of every moment we have together. My distinct knack for making you feel welcomed and relaxed as the center of my world allows us to connect on a level most only dare dream about. I am certain you’ll find me to be a mezmerizing, open-minded woman who takes pleasure in life’s great experiences. Educated, level-headed and captivating, I am quite the conversationalist. I strongly believe life is meant to be truly discovered and experienced at its fullest. Diversity and balance are paramount to a happy and healthy lifestyle; play is as important as work. Exploring one’s deepest desires is nothing to feel guilty about. Go on, don’t be shy, you’ve made it this far…Thank you for your interest in spending time with me; I look forward to getting to know you and creating unforgettable moments together. 

Cant wait to please you, well what are you waiting for?